Home Computers Intel graphics chief Raja Koduri announces departure to start AI startup

Intel graphics chief Raja Koduri announces departure to start AI startup

Intel graphics chief Raja Koduri announces departure to start AI startup

Both AMD and Intel have finally lost the bully. Today, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger announced that its graphics chief Raja Koduri will leave the company at the end of March.

Pat Gelsinger revealed that Raja Koduri will launch a currently unnamed AI startup on his own with a core focus on “generating AI content for games, media and entertainment.

Raja Koduri responded by thanking Pat Gelsinger for his time at Intel and said he would be announcing more information about the startup in the coming weeks.

 Pat Gelsinger
Raja Koduri

Intel poached Koduri from AMD in 2017 to serve as chief GPU architect, thus setting Intel up for long-term success in the GPU space.

He helped Intel develop its own dedicated GPU, which it eventually named Arc in 2021, and last year launched its first Arc desktop-alone graphics, the entry-level Arc A380. unfortunately, Intel graphics have not made much of a splash in the GPU space, with NVIDIA and AMD still dominating.

It was found a few days ago that the Blue Halberd Intel Arc A380 graphics card has been significantly reduced in price, Jingdong Plus members arrived at 799 CNY, a lot lower than the first launch of 1149 CNY.

In terms of parameters, the card is equipped with Intel Arc A380 GPU, 8 Xe cores, GPU frequency of 2000MHz, 6GB 96bit GDDR6 memory, interfaces including 3 DP + 1 HDMI, 75W TBP, no external power supply.


According to Intel, the Intel Arc A380 GPU supports the full range of DirectX 12 Ultimate features including AV1 hardware acceleration and hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and provides a smooth gaming experience above 1080p @60fps when running mainstream games such as League of Legends, Neverwinter, Skyward Sword and Jedi.

According to Blue Halberd’s instructions, the Resizable Bar Above 4G Decoding option must be enabled to use this card (Resizable Bar is a feature that improves the efficiency of accessing the on-board GPU memory through the PCI Express bus). The installed system should choose 64-bit Win10 21H2 and above, the latest version of Win11 is recommended, and it is recommended to use Intel 400 series motherboards or above to better utilize the performance of the graphics card.