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Intel expands AI software business to help customers develop self-developed ChatGPT

Intel expands AI software business to help customers develop self-developed ChatGPT

The Information reported that as Intel benefits from the artificial intelligence boom, the company is trying more things in the AI field, such as selling artificial intelligence software and services.

It’s a rare move for the U.S. chipmaker, especially since its software is not bundled with hardware, meaning its customers have no impact whether they use Intel chips or not.

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Intel is said to be working with several consulting firms to develop ChatGPT-like applications for customers. Sources said that Intel sells its professional artificial intelligence and application development software directly to enterprise customers, and this development software supports model adjustments so that customers can develop their own ChatGPT-like applications.

“Intel launched the project with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) earlier this year, but has also added additional consulting firm partners,” the source said.

Sandra Rivera, executive vice president and general manager of Intel’s Data Center and Artificial Intelligence Group, said: “Generative AI requires a truly democratized approach that leads to safer, more secure A scalable solution that enables businesses to safely and stably benefit from this technology.”

“Our collaboration with BCG enables us to help clients develop generative AI applications that require technology optimization fully across the entire stack within the security boundaries of their choice,” Rivera said in an earlier statement.

It is noticed that Intel also predicted that Microsoft will launch a new version of Windows in 2024, and they will also prepare the Meteor Lake platform for Windows 12, driven by artificial intelligence.

The company also recently previewed the next generation of Xeon processors and revealed that the fifth generation Intel Xeon processors will be launched on December 14, which will bring performance improvements and faster memory support to data centers around the world, while Energy consumption remains unchanged.


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