Home Electric Vehicles Hyundai Ioniq 6 officially launched: features, specifications detailed

Hyundai Ioniq 6 officially launched: features, specifications detailed

Hyundai Ioniq 6 officially launched: features, specifications detailed

Hyundai has officially announced a new model for the Ioniq lineup, Ioniq 6. The new EV lineup from Hyundai offers many interesting features for the Ioniq 6, and its mindful design.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 Features

Ioniq 6 side looks

Hyundai Ioniq 6 is an electrified streamliner that is based on the E-GMP platform like Ioniq 5. It will feature the battery and motor like the previous model.

The Ethical Uniqueness design philosophy is a form of their approach to their commitment toward customers in giving energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

The design is characterized by clean, simple lines and pure aerodynamic form that embodies the Emotional Efficiency philosophy. Ioniq 6 is also having a mindful cocoon-like interior for a personalized place.

The interiors are designed to provide users with a blend of cozy hideaway and personal space. It also provides practical features and sustainable materials to reinforce a mindful, eco-friendly mobility experience and lifestyle.

The interior is equipped with a modular touchscreen dashboard integrated with a 12-inch full-touch infotainment display and a 12-inch digital cluster.

They are also equipped with a Dual Color Ambient Lighting system for interior illumination. It is equipped with 64 color spectrum and six dual-color themes for giving a relaxing and comforting ambiance.

It comes with 2 AWD variants, Standard and Long-Range. Both will come same battery pack at 58 kWh and the same torque at 605nm. The difference comes in the twin electric motors equipped for each variant, the standard one comes with 173kW(235hp), and the Long-Range model will come with 225kW (306hp) electric motors.

It also comes with an N performance version, powered by 430kW twin electric motors and 740Nm of torque. While the rest features are remain same with other variants.

The availability and the pricing

In terms of pricing, the price will be starting from €38,500 in Europe, before taxes. Meanwhile, the Long-Range will be priced at €55,000, the N performance will be priced at €70,000.

The region will be distributed around Europe, USA and Asian market as well.

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