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Huawei HiCar Takes First Place Over Apple CarPlay

Huawei HiCar Takes First Place Over Apple CarPlay

The Wisdom of the car industry ecological alliance (ICCE) in Beijing released the industry’s first “phone – car interconnection performance experience evaluation report” (hereinafter referred to as “evaluation report”). According to the results of the evaluation report, HUAWEI HiCar outperformed Apple Carplay and Baidu Carlife+ and ranked first with the highest score of 96.63. The result shows that HUAWEI HiCar’s comprehensive performance in the five experience levels of wireless connection, desktop display, audio output, user operation and voice interaction is better than other products in the industry, and it is one of the best mobile phone-vehicle interconnection solutions in the market today.

ICCE evaluates 5 major experience scenarios / 11 experience indicators that industry partners are concerned about, and randomly selects 6 vehicles in combination with mainstream mobile phone-car connectivity solutions, in order to provide acceptance guidance and a reference basis for OEMs, suppliers, and terminal manufacturers to integrate and develop mobile phone-car connectivity solutions.

ICCE gives priority to solving 96% of the experience problems (connection, audio, video, control and interaction scenarios) in the field of mobile phone-car interconnection, and executes the alliance standard T / ICCE 205-2023 “Mobile Terminal and In-vehicle Device Interconnection Experience Evaluation Specification” with the participation of the member unit, Shenzhen Microtesting Intelligent Vehicle Connection Laboratory, in order to complete the evaluation and landing of the mainstream solutions.

The Evaluation Report found that most of the mobile phone-car interconnection solutions can reach 85 points or more, which better meets the users’ needs; at the same time, due to the differences in the solutions’ implementation, the performance experience is different in different scenarios. Meanwhile, for mainstream mobile phone-car connectivity solutions, the test conclusions are as follows:

  • Apple Carplay scored 90.32 points, with a smooth desktop display, smooth user operation and accurate voice interaction.
  • Baidu Carlife + scored 73.15 points, with a fast wireless connection and smooth desktop display.
  • HUAWEI HiCar scored 96.63 points, with a fast wireless connection, smooth audio output and accurate voice interaction.

HUAWEI HiCar is Huawei’s human-vehicle-home full-scene intelligent interconnection solution, which helps users seamlessly stream mobile phone apps to their cars so that the car can quickly share the rich app ecosystem and services of smartphones. Currently supports more than 370 domestic and international car models and Top100 + ecological applications, will be held in this year’s Huawei Developer Conference 2023 (HDC.Together) held on 4 August – 6 August, Huawei will release HUAWEI HiCar 4.0 based on Hongmeng 4.0. The HUAWEI HiCar 4.0 will be released at the Huawei Developer Conference 2023 (HDC.Together), which will be held from 4 August – 6 August.

ICCE alliance by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology two industry TOP associations led by the United Nations industry chain, is China’s local rise, on behalf of the Chinese industry and consumer demand for open platforms.