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Xiaomi 12S and 12S Pro Revealed With A New Processor

Xiaomi is now on a device launching spree as it is set to launch the Xiaomi 12S and 12s Pro with a new Snapdragon processor.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Review: 2022 Smartphone Photography Standard

the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is a bold statement and reaffirms Xiaomi as a company capable of holding its own in the flagship smartphone space. That's aside from the fact that Xiaomi is one of the biggest mid-range smartphone brands.

Huawei and Emirates Telecom complete first 6GHz 5G technology trial

Etisalat UAE now announces that it has completed its first 6GHz spectrum trial with Huawei, a milestone step for the future of 5G.

According to the report, both parties have successfully conducted their first trials of their respective technologies. 5G technology relies heavily on the mid-band spectrum for security and long-term performance, and 6GHz will further improve efficiency.

Emirates Telecom said the trial, conducted in partnership with Huawei, is integral to the development of today’s technology, as the full release of 5G speed and capability depends on the mid-band spectrum. 6GHz plays a critical role in this.

The industry’s current mainstream 5G bands are Sub-6GHz and millimeter wave, with the former having some advantages in terms of coverage area and 4G upgrade costs, and the latter having some advantages in terms of speed and capacity, while 6GHz sits squarely at the balance between coverage and capacity.

Most importantly, extending the bandwidth of 5G through the use of 6GHz spectrum will further improve network performance, and the channels provided by 6GHz spectrum will help reduce the need for network density and lower costs, making 5G affordable for everyone, officials said.

Etisalat says the 6GHz trial will open up future markets for it and influence its next growth plans. With a fast network, it will further collaborate with companies such as Meta to enable innovative businesses such as metaverse, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and extended reality (XR) products.




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