Home Gadgets Highpoint Launches RocketU 1400 Series USB 3.2 20Gbps HBA Expansion Cards

Highpoint Launches RocketU 1400 Series USB 3.2 20Gbps HBA Expansion Cards

Highpoint Launches RocketU 1400 Series USB 3.2 20Gbps HBA Expansion Cards

Highpoint has just introduced the RocketU 1400 series of USB 3.2 HBA direct pass-through expansion cards, designed for professional applications that require powerful and high-speed connectivity solutions. Examples include 3D imaging/motion capture platforms, HD security systems, ADAS sensor suites, IoT devices, and spectrum analyzers. Better yet, Highpoint also ensures that each dedicated interface enjoys the Gen 2×2 (20 Gbps) rate of the USB 3.2 controller.

RocketU 1411C (RU1411C)

Unlike previous generations of expansion cards that offered only up to four expansion ports, the RocketU 1400 Series controllers offer up to eight independent USB Type-C ports @ 16000 MB/s transfer bandwidth.

USB devices are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and universally compatible with any modern computer platform/operating system, plus the solutions can be easily integrated into industry-standard PC-based hardware platforms.

Whether it’s an industrial, scientific, or media application requiring a high-performance connectivity solution – such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), quality control systems for automated/robotic assembly lines, advanced driver assistance/autonomous driving (ADAS/AD) systems, or video surveillance/security for continuous monitoring of input sensors — are easily accommodated at 20 Gbps concurrent single-port rates.

RocketU 1444C (RU1444C)

Each individual device channel is backed by a dedicated and powerful PCIe 3.0 host interface to USB 3.2 20Gbps bridge chip.

The RocketU 1411C model is a single-port USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 @ PCIe 3.0 x4, while the four / eight-port Rocket 1444C / 1488C are PCIe 3.0 x16 host interfaces.

In addition to dedicated bandwidth, each port provides up to 7.5W of power (for device operation or charging), and the expansion cards themselves are quite easy to install and configure (plug and play).

Native support for any industry-standard Intel, AMD, ARM hardware platform, and all modern Windows operating systems / Linux distributions.

RocketU 1488C (RU1488C)

Finally, Highpoint offers a range of highly certified cables for the RocketU 1400 Series USB HBA host expansion cards that are fully compliant with current USB standards to ensure maximum transfer performance, secure connectivity and easy integration.

RocketU 1411C (RU1411C) – 1 USB 20G Type-C port: $59.00 (~395 RMB)

RocketU 1444C (RU1444C) – 4 USB 20G Type-C ports: $399.00 (approx. 2670 RMB)

RocketU 1488C (RU1488C) – 8 USB 20G Type-C ports: $699.00 (approx. 4678 RMB)