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Google to bring PWA application backup & restore function for Chrome/android


According to thespAndroid reports, GitHub’s Chromium repository recently added a few related commits, indicating that the Android side of Chrome is expected to support backup and restore Web applications.

The GitHub commit describes it as follows: “When we detect that a user has changed to a new device and left a PWA app on the old device, we run a PWA restore. The idea of the feature is that users can restore previously installed PWA apps from their old device.”

Additionally, a new Flag experimentation option (chrome://flags#pwa-restore-ui) has been added to Chrome Canary version 121 on the Android side. However, the Flag is currently not working properly.

TheSpAndroid has provided two screenshots showing the user’s previously installed PWA apps listed in Chrome on the new device, with the user having the option to choose whether or not to restore them on the new device.

PWA, also known as “progressive web applications”, can be regarded as a lightweight alternative to native applications, but at present Google’s backup system does not support the backup and restore function of PWA applications.


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