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Google is using machine learning models to speed up Gmail searches

Google is using machine learning models to speed up Gmail searches

Launched back in 2004, Gmail provided users with a more robust alternative, which allowed it to quickly replace traditional web-based email services such as Yahoo and Hotmail. Today, Gmail is one of the most relied upon email services in the world, accounting for more than 27% of all email opens and more than 330 billion total emails on any given day.

With that, there’s naturally a lot of email to sift through, and that’s exactly what Google wants to help you overcome with the power of machine learning.

Millions of users around the world rely on Gmail as their primary email service, and the sheer volume of emails sent and received every day makes keeping a clean, organized inbox just a dream. But that help from artificial intelligence is coming, according to the Google Workspace Update team, which details Gmail’s efforts to incorporate machine learning models to enhance its email search experience.

The blog post notes that Google is introducing a feature that will leverage its latest machine learning technology to deliver more accurate Gmail search results. The technology is designed to provide a more targeted and accurate set of results.

Gmail users who initiate a search will be automatically assisted by Google’s newly integrated machine learning models. These models will take into account the user’s search terms and recent emails to produce results that are closely related to the user’s search query. The blog post notes that AI-assisted results will appear at the top of the results in a dedicated area, followed by all other results normally returned, and arranged by closest.

This new feature is being rolled out to all Gmail users and requires no additional action or configuration. Mobile users simply use the Gmail search bar as usual and enter any desired keywords to retrieve relevant and desired search results.

The new Gmail Search feature begins rolling out on June 2, 2023 through Google’s rapid release and scheduled release cycles. Fast Release makes the consumer version of Gmail available as soon as Google rolls out the new features, so there is no evaluation period and it can be used immediately. For businesses, administrators can choose to delay the release of new features on a “scheduled” basis to allow time to train employees or prepare for upcoming changes. The scheduled release cycle typically begins 1-2 weeks into the rapid release deployment cycle.