Home News GM’s Cadillac-branded luxury cars turn to ultra-long Mini LED-backlit LCD panels

GM’s Cadillac-branded luxury cars turn to ultra-long Mini LED-backlit LCD panels

GM’s Cadillac-branded luxury cars turn to ultra-long Mini LED-backlit LCD panels

General Motors recently launched three future models: the Cadillac LYRIQ, the Cadillac CELESTIQ show car, and the Buick Wildcat concept electric car, all of which feature extra-long Mini LED-backlit LCD panels.

Omdia released a related report saying that the market demand for OLED display panels has also pushed up the demand for Mini LED-backlit LCD panels. The advantages of Mini LED-backlit LCD panels are high brightness, image quality improvement, energy saving, long display life, etc., and the supply chain is also relatively mature, which is conducive to the full-array local dimming (FALD) and Mini LED-backlit LCD panels. Development of the automotive industry.

Omdia forecasts that shipments of FALD and Mini LED-backlit display panels will grow from less than 2 million in 2023 to nearly 10 million in 2027. Display panel size will also rapidly exceed 20 inches, especially after 2026.

GM turns focus to Mini LED-backlit display panels after unveiling OLED display panels for Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac LYRIQ: Monolithic 33″ 9K1K AM Mini LED Backlit LCD Panel
In August 2022, General Motors introduced the 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ: The model features a monolithic, industry-leading 33-inch 9K1K (8960×1316) Advanced LED Display Panel (AM Mini LED Backlit Liquid Crystal Display Panel). Unlike the display panel of the new Cadillac Escalade, which is equipped with three OLED screens in one, the display panel equipped with the LYRIQ is a single piece of curved glass display panel. The panel can be divided into three different areas to display different content: lighting control and head-up display (HUD) control area, instrument panel area, and entertainment audio-visual information function area.

Cadillac CELESTIQ show car: a 2-in-1 55-inch 12K1K AM Mini LED-backlit LCD panel
At CES 2022, Cadilla briefly showed off the ultra-luxury CELESTIQ show car. In July, GM finally released photos of the vehicle’s interior, featuring five high-definition (HD) advanced LED display panels, including a 2-on-1 55-inch advanced LCD panel. The 55-inch curved display panel combines a 35.x-inch and a 20.x-inch screen into one, running across the car’s left and right A-pillars. This 20.x-inch display panel located directly in front of the passenger features Active Privacy View. A production version of the CELESTIQ is expected to debut as a 2025 model. According to Cadillac, the concept shown in this version will largely be kept in production.

Buick Wildcat Concept: A 30.4-inch 6K1K AM Mini LED-Backlit LCD Panel
In June 2022, Cadillac unveiled the Buick Wildcat, a new concept car designed to revolutionize the brand. The car’s console uses a 30.4-inch Mini LED-backlit LCD panel. The model also features ultra-thin headlights brought about by the Micro LED headlight design.

Figure 1: GM’s show car uses a Mini LED-backlit LCD panel, source: General Motors

OLED drives up demand for Mini LED-backlit LCD panels

Market demand for OLED display panels is driving up demand for Mini LED-backlit LCD panels. Many car manufacturers are equipped with OLED display panels based on Mini LED backlight technology. The reason behind this is that the brightness and lifespan of OLEDs are still insufficient, and the price of large-size OLED panels is still high. FALD and Mini LED-backlit LCD panels offer local dimming capability, high brightness, long display life, and a mature supply chain.

Figure 2: Automotive FALD and Mini LED BLU display panels, source: Omdia

Shipments of FALD and Mini LED-backlit display panels to reach 10 million by 2027

The market demand for FALD and Mini LED-backlit LCD panels is expected to grow rapidly in the next five years. Omdia expects its shipments to grow from about 110,000 in 2022 to 10.4 million in 2027. At present, the main shipments are still concentrated in the size range below 20 inches. However, mainstream panel sizes are expected to quickly surpass 20 inches, especially after 2026, as more Gen 6 LTPS and Gen 8.x a-Si panel capacity will shift to automotive display production. In addition, Mini LED-backlit liquid crystal display panels are also the main display technology in the growing field of cross-vehicle width display panels (greater than 35 inches), which is mainly due to the production difficulties and high prices of large-size OLED display panels.

Figure 3: FALD and Mini LED BLU panel shipments by size