Home Computers Galaxy Kirin Desktop OS V10 SP1 2203 update3 released

Galaxy Kirin Desktop OS V10 SP1 2203 update3 released

Galaxy Kirin Desktop OS V10 SP1 2203 update3 released

Galaxy Kirin announced that Galaxy Kirin Desktop OS V10 SP1 2203 update3 has been released and will be pushed to end-users gradually. This update is dedicated to improve system security and ease of use, and the updated version kernel and core components are consistent with the latest version available.

The main content of this update upgrade

Hardware-related bug fixes

  • Fixes compatibility issues of various displays and peripherals.

System bug fixes

  • Covering problems that occur in system installation, system startup, system login, system update scenarios
  • System performance optimization of boot time and display performance of some models, etc.
  • Fixing problems in optimizing desktop environment (sidebar, power management, sound, setting panel, account, shortcut keys, network, Bluetooth, file manager, wireless screen casting)
  • repairing and optimizing the use of application software (calculator, printer, book transfer, burning, camera, audio and video, recording, software store, backup and restore, biometric management tools, file protection box, system monitor)

System security fixes

  • Fix 177 CVE security vulnerabilities, etc.

Users can choose offline update and online update according to their needs. Offline update needs to get the offline update package separately, while online update can directly download the update package to update.

Online update — Open “Settings” -> “Security & Updates” -> “Updates”, click After “Check for updates”, if there is any update detected, it will be displayed in the update list.

Users who cannot update online can also get the corresponding update package by offline update, and you can backup and update the new system after you finish getting the corresponding update package. You can find and get the update package from the official website of KyLinTV – Service Support – System Update and check the update instructions.