Finally BOE is set to supply OLED displays for the iPhone 14

BOE has just secured the contract to supply screens to Apple iPhone 14. This is a big win today for the Chinese tech company.


Over the years, BOE has tried to get itself included in the list of supplies of screen displays used on iPhone models. The closest they have come to this aim of theirs is to supply replacement screens for iPhone models (not original screens). Finally, the screen manufacturing company can add Apple to their list of business partners. BOE has closed a contract with Apple to supply displays for the iPhone 14.

Note that we said the iPhone 14 and not the iPhone 14 series, this means that the contract only covers the iPhone 14. Apple will still keep up with its business with other screen manufacturers like Samsung and LG. The total cost of this business arrangement between Apple and BOE is 50 million yuan ($7.75 million).

iPhone 13

The screen in question to be supplied to Apple by the Chinese interface manufacturer is a 6.1-inch mobile screen. The other models of the iPhone 14 series will use a screen that is bigger than that, except the iPhone 14 Pro. The other iPhones will make use of displays manufactured and supplied by other display manufacturing companies.

BOE expects to supply Apple with a total of 40 million displays throughout the year 2022. This long time frame will allow BOE the possibility of locking in a deal with Apple to become a permanent partner to Apple.