Home Electric Vehicles Denza D9 high-end MPV to launch on May 16

Denza D9 high-end MPV to launch on May 16

Denza D9 high-end MPV to launch on May 16

Early today, Denza Auto officially announced the launch of the Denza brand on May 16th. This will be the first MPV from the Denza automobile. The product will be called Denza D9. It is a high-end MPV that is positioned between medium-sized and large luxury MPVs.  

Denza D9 Official Launch Date

According to the reports, the Denza D9 will come with dual-power modes. A Pure-Electric (EV) and Plug-in-Hybrid (DM) that uses DM supermix technology. There are also two drive systems; two-wheel and four-wheel. This model also features different driving modes, namely; economy, normal, sports, and snow. 

An interior video of the car has been released, and according to the video, the car has a luxurious interior design. It has a 7-seat layout (2+2+3), with two independent seats for the middle row. There’s an LCD instrument panel and a floating central control display.

Denza D9 Interior

In addition to these, the Denza MPV series cars are equipped with an electric sunroof, a large canopy, and dual-electric sunshades. The sunroof supports one-touch open/close. The double-sided electric sliding door of the Denza MPV can open automatically, it is equipped with the Welcome Mode. The default tires will be from high-end brands, not sure about the names. The double-layered silent glasses are used for the doors.    

Denza D9

The integration of the 1.5T hybrid system enables the car to have a comprehensive driving range of over 1,000 km. It is speculated that the starting price of the car will be around 450,000 Yuan (~$66,915).