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Xiaomi 12S Ultra Review: 2022 Smartphone Photography Standard

the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is a bold statement and reaffirms Xiaomi as a company capable of holding its own in the flagship smartphone space. That's aside from the fact that Xiaomi is one of the biggest mid-range smartphone brands.

Xiaomi 12S and 12S Pro Revealed With A New Processor

Xiaomi is now on a device launching spree as it is set to launch the Xiaomi 12S and 12s Pro with a new Snapdragon processor.

Components of the chip test localization! Break the foreign monopoly, the price directly cut in half, has been in short supply

According to the Ninth Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, the Ninth Research Institute recently released the latest research results on broadband coaxial probes, a core component of semiconductor integrated circuit testing.

According to the introduction, “broadband coaxial probe” applied to the chip process model testing, process monitoring and finished product testing, throughout the entire process of chip production, semiconductor chips in the package before, must go through the probe test to check whether the quality of semiconductor chips meet the standard, so as to eliminate bad products and improve chip reliability.


Mianyang City Bureau of Economy and Information Technology sources said that before this year, the domestic “broadband coaxial probe” all imported from abroad, China does not have the ability to domestic. In order to break this status quo, the Ninth Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation set up a project team in 2018 and successfully developed a variety of “wideband coaxial probes” through 4 years of hard work, relying on its own years of technical accumulation.

The price of these domestic probes is half that of imported products, but the delivery cycle is much faster than that of foreign countries – foreign companies can deliver in 12 weeks, while E-9 can complete the delivery in 2 weeks. Currently, these probes are in short supply.

Zhang Lu, deputy chief engineer of the Ninth Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, said: “Once our probe products are launched, the industry response is very big, this big, so big that it is a little beyond our imagination. Everyone knows that Huawei is a leader in our country’s entire electronics field, and it was very excited after seeing us launch this product.”

According to the market development plan of Denso IX, the “broadband coaxial probe” is expected to cover more than 80% of the domestic market within three years, and will drive the development of upstream and downstream industries.

The Ninth Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, known as the Southwest Institute of Applied Magnetism, was established in 1967 during the construction of the third line of the country, and the main body was moved from Beijing to Mianyang, Sichuan Province.




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