Home Computers Colorful RTX 4070 Ti graphics cards released: Vulcan, Tomahawk and other 6 models

Colorful RTX 4070 Ti graphics cards released: Vulcan, Tomahawk and other 6 models

Colorful RTX 4070 Ti graphics cards released: Vulcan, Tomahawk and other 6 models

Colorful GeForce RTX 4070 Ti series graphics cards released today, officially said that this is a high-end hardware for gamers who want to experience 2K resolution 120 + FPS, and can be high brush display to the extreme.

iGame Vulcan

The new RTX 4070 Ti Vulcan incorporates “alloy exoskeleton” design elements for a more aggressive look. The “Vortex” cooling device consists of a number of iGame cooling black technology, including the “wind sickle ring fan” to enhance the air pressure and air intake, and inflow type cooling fins, with 4 6mm + 2 8mm heat pipes and iGame vacuum ice sheet technology to achieve excellent thermal conductivity. The core frequency is 2310Mhz-2610MHz and can be overclocked up to 2775MHz with one click.

Players can observe the current GPU and CPU running status through the LCD Smart Screen “Dimension” 4.0. The new Smart Screen adopts a detachable magnetic design and supports both horizontal and vertical installation, which can be used with the Smart Screen dock included in the package to become a desktop accessory. The package also comes with a “lighting kit” that connects to the graphics card via magnetic contacts to showcase the lighting effects.

iGame Neptune

The new RTX 40 Series Neptune features a one-piece alloy silver and white exterior armor, and two “double curve” wave RGB light sets running through the card for a stunning visual experience.

Unlike the RTX 4090/4080, the iGame GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Neptune OC features a 240mm cooling row, a shorter size to fit more case types, and an additional fan connector at the bottom of the cooling row, allowing gamers to change the fan to play. The movable water cooling head is specially designed to adapt to the chassis environment and is sturdy and durable. When players press the one-touch overclock button, they can boost from 2310Mhz to 2790MHz.

iGame Advanced

The iGame GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Advanced OC inherits the muscular metallic look of its predecessor and adds design elements from the product designers’ understanding of the darkness of the universe to create a silver and black graphics card kit. The “Sickle Ring” fan blade with 6 8mm heat pipes and large cooling fins can increase the frequency from 2310MHz to 2760MHz with the push of a button to overclock.

iGame Ultra

The 40 series iGame Ultra features a “pop” art style with multi-colors to give gamers an unprecedented visual impact. The front of the cooler is designed with a shell-like iridescent gradient color that changes with light exposure, sometimes green-blue, sometimes bright orange, with multiple color gradients transforming to achieve a stunning visual sensation. The card features 6 6mm heat pipes with reflow technology, and the frequency can be increased from 2310Mhz to 2745Mhz with one click overclocking.

In addition to the above-mentioned iGame hardware trendy products, naturally, there is also a new member of the Tomahawk series “Tomahawk GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Deluxe Edition”. Tomahawk’s classic red and black color scheme and industrial minimalist lines create tough hardware, the diamond triangle structure highlights the charm of technology, and the three fans and six 6mm heat pipes with large cooling fins will enhance cooling efficiency.

The new iGame GeForce RTX 4070 Ti series will be available for purchase at 22:00 on January 5, 2023.