Home Electric Vehicles Cadillac LYRIQ IQ OS 2.0 Upgrade Unlocks Super Cruise and 360° Panoramic View Feature

Cadillac LYRIQ IQ OS 2.0 Upgrade Unlocks Super Cruise and 360° Panoramic View Feature

Cadillac LYRIQ IQ OS 2.0 Upgrade Unlocks Super Cruise and 360° Panoramic View Feature

Cadillac official now announced that LYRIQ Regal users can now upgrade IQ OS 2.0 system, unlock the new generation of SUPER CRUISE assisted driving system. LYRIQ owners can wait for an official invitation to the store to upgrade, and also provide pick-up and delivery services.

According to the introduction, the new version 2.0 not only brings Super Cruise and 360 panoramic image and other functions, but also improves the experience of using the car with the 2.0 version.

Officials said that customers who complete the large order (deposit of $5,000) before March 31, 2023 can enjoy three years of free charging mileage of 1200 km per month, free home charging pile / 8000 km free charging mileage (either one) and free lifetime warranty for the whole car & three electric systems.

According to the introduction, Super Cruise is the industry’s first assisted driving system that combines DMS driver attention-keeping system and centimeter-level high-precision mapping technology to ensure safe driving through a triple sensing system including millimeter wave radar and camera.

After upgrading to the new generation Super Cruise, the Raglan will have features such as automatic lane change in addition to the basic L2, similar to the ideal upcoming LKA PLUS feature.

The Cadillac LYRIQ is a luxury pure electric mid-size SUV with dimensions of 5003×1977×1637 mm and a wheelbase of 3094 mm, priced at 439,700-479,700 RMB.

As the first luxury model of GM’s Ultium electric vehicle platform in China, and the pioneer of the Cadillac brand’s intelligent and pure electric transformation, the LYRIQ is equipped with GM’s most cutting-edge intelligent and networked technologies.

Based on the debut of the rear-wheel drive Long Range Luxury Edition, LYRIQ now has two new models, including the rear-wheel drive Long Range Premium Edition with further enhanced comfort and the 4WD High Performance Premium Edition with 4.9s zero-hundred acceleration.

It is reported that the whole series of LYRIQ applies the flagship 8155 chip in the car and supports 5G connection. The standard 33.8-inch surround-type 9K ultra-retina screen can display 1 billion colors, and the AKG studio-grade hi-fi system with 19 speakers creates an intelligent immersive luxury cabin experience for users.

At the same time, LYRIQ is equipped with a new generation of Super Cruise super-assisted driving system, which adds driver auto lane change and command lane change functions, and has OTA iterative upgrade capability to achieve continuous expansion of usage scenarios.

In terms of performance, the car’s national rear-drive long-range luxury version is equipped with 96.7 kWh battery pack, rear-wheel drive, EPA range up to 300 miles (CLTC up to 650km), can also provide 340 horsepower power, zero 100 acceleration 6.9 seconds; 4WD Premium Edition equipped with two front and rear permanent magnet synchronous motor, can achieve the maximum power 375kW, motor maximum torque 710N・m, and acceleration of only 4.9s. Meanwhile, the CLTC range of the 4WD High Performance Premium is over 600km and supports full life-cycle fast charging.