Home Electric Vehicles BYD Song L mass-produced car spy photos revealed

BYD Song L mass-produced car spy photos revealed

BYD Song L mass-produced car spy photos revealed

BYD revealed the camouflaged spy photos of the mass-produced version of its new B-class pure electric hunting SUV, Song L, which is currently undergoing high-temperature testing in Turpan.

BYD previously showed the concept car of this car at the Shanghai Auto Show. It is positioned as a medium-sized hunting SUV and belongs to Dynasty.com. It was previously reported that it will be launched in the fourth quarter.

In terms of technology, the new car will be built on the e-platform 3.0, with the new CTB battery-body integration technology of the same model as the Denza N7, as well as the cloud car C platform and the blessing of the intelligent electric four-wheel drive system.

Previously, it was revealed that the entry-level version of BYD Song L may be equipped with a 313-horsepower electric motor, and the high-end version may be equipped with a dual-motor power system with a comprehensive parameter of 530 horsepower.

The appearance of this model is based on Dynasty’s “Pioneering Longyan Aesthetics” design concept. The rear shape is a bit like the visual sense of Tengshi N7, while the front face adopts a combination of a thick front and four ridges on the front cover, presenting a A sense of full power to dive forward.

It also has a closed grille, which still retains the dragon-beard-shaped through-type decorative strip, built-in Song character LOGO and through-type headlights, and has a variety of vertical line decorations. Together with the vertical headlight shape, it enhances the Texture and texture.

On the side of the body, the most notable feature of this new car is the smooth fastback shape. The body line slopes downward from the B-pillar, and the overall visual effect is very harmonious.

The official said that the car is equipped with 265 40 / R21 Michelin PS4 SUV tires, copper gold brake calipers, perforated brake discs, so as to serve the powerful power of Song L’s smart electric four-wheel drive.

In addition, Song L is built on the e-platform 3.0, and is equipped with a series of technologies such as CTB battery-body integration technology and cloud car intelligent body control system.

At present, there is no more information about this new car.