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Buick Century Guo Pei co-branded model released, limited 5 units globally

Buick Century Guo Pei co-branded model released, limited 5 units globally

Buick Century and Guo Pei co-branded high-end series models were released. There are only 5 units in the world. Orders will start on November 7, priced at RMB 1089900.

Guo Pei is the founder of the Rose Square brand. He has designed the dresses for the important hosts and main actors of CCTV’s “Spring Festival Gala” for many years. He is also the designer of the awards dresses for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Guo Pei is the first and only invited member of the French Haute Couture Association in China and even in Asia.

The high-definition series is based on the CENTURY four-seater private version, introducing Chinese totem elements such as clouds, plums, orchids, bamboos, and chrysanthemums. There are five colours: starry night purple, crane feather gray, distant mountain blue, sea and sky clouds, and frosty moon gold.

The interior design of the Starry Night Purple colour scheme adopts patterns such as river cliffs, seawater, colourful clouds, and peonies, which symbolize wealth and auspiciousness. Together with the main tone of the purple interior that echoes the Starry Night Purple body colour, it highlights elegance and elegance.

The crane’s feather grey colour shows the nobility of plum blossoms and the elegance of cranes. Combined with elements such as auspicious clouds and sunlight, it depicts the elegance of the world.

The distant mountain blue colour carries the interest of the Orchid Pavilion in Wang Xizhi’s works, borrowing the fragrance of orchids and the agility of dancing butterflies to highlight the car owner’s refined elegance and talent.

The color scheme of Haitianxia uses green bamboo, which symbolizes character and integrity, together with the vigorous “pink pine” and “lucky deer”, making classic and fashion collide.

The frosty moon gold colour scheme uses the “hermit among flowers” chrysanthemum and the goat, which symbolize peace and tranquillity in Chinese folk customs, to make people feel peaceful and forget their worries.

The interior details of the haute couture series adopt hand embroidery technology, mother-of-pearl inlay technology, and special wool carpet weaving technology. According to the expression needs of different aesthetic themes, enamel dotted jade, white jade relief, bamboo carving with gold coating, and lacquerware technology are used respectively.

At the same time, the car is equipped with a 32-inch liftable smart screen, a meteor shower starry sky dome, 160-degree cloud-sensing seats, and is equipped with a new generation of eCruise Pro intelligent assisted driving technology.

In terms of performance, it is the same as the standard version. It is equipped with a 2.0T engine +48V mild hybrid system with a maximum power of 169kW and is matched with a 9-speed automatic manual transmission.


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