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BMW’s New M3 Touring gets a Visualizer to waste your day in fun

M3 Touring is BMW’s recent launch

After launching one of its most unique models, the M3 Touring, BMW has now opened up a special configurator that allows you to add all and any spec all day to this performance vehicle. You can spend an entire day, trying out interesting colours on the car. As always has been with the BMW Visualizer, the options are so many that you run the high risk of landing up in an indecisive state by the end of the day.

BMW M3 Touring Visualizer: Colour options

It is called the Individual Manufaktur Visualizer which allows one to view your tailormade configuration from the front, rear and side. There are over 100 colours to choose from. Some interesting colours are Verde Ermes, Velvet Orchid, Zanzibar II, Platinum Bronze, and Metropolitan Blue. Keeping in mind the M3 Touring’s design needs, hues such as Twilight Purple, Fire Orange, Toronto Red, Riviera Blue, and Signal Green. Some colours popular with other brands have also been included. These include Porsche’s Chalk, Audi’s Nardo Grey, Lamborghini’s Verde Mantis, and Ferrari’s signature Rosso Corsa.

In addition to playing around with multiple colours, there is also a provision to grab a jack and change the wheels on the car. The wheel options include the 19-inch Style 825M in Bicolor Black and the 19-inch Style 826M in Black. The configurator though does not allow one to meddle around with the specs within the cabin of the car.

In the end, you can save your favourite combination in the form of a scannable QR code or a downloadable PDF to come back to it later when your mind has been freed somewhat of the tangle of thoughts created by the excessive options at hand, to once again try your luck to arrive at a decision of the best configuration to buy.



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