Home Electric Vehicles BMW i5 electric vehicle images unveiled, equipped with exclusive 31-inch rear screen

BMW i5 electric vehicle images unveiled, equipped with exclusive 31-inch rear screen

BMW i5 electric vehicle images unveiled,  equipped with exclusive 31-inch rear screen

BMW today released the official image of the Chinese version of the new generation of 5-series pure electric model – i5. The new car will be put into production at the BMW Brilliance Dadong plant. The official said that the new car will be a “model that combines emotional design, luxury, electric fun and smart technology.” Compared with the overseas models that have appeared many times before, the new car still provides many exclusive configurations for the Chinese market.

In terms of appearance, the domestically produced BMW i5 still inherits the “excellent tradition” of extended wheelbase and body, and BMW’s latest design language is used throughout the body. It can also be seen from the picture that the decorative area around the window and the wheel hub are embellished with gold, and the C-pillar has a blue stroke number “5”, which may emphasize its identity as an electric vehicle.

Compared with the old 5 series models, the interior of the car also has a huge change. The original iconic “chicken leg” gear lever has now been replaced by a knob-type shift mechanism. The central control area is equipped with a 12.3-inch LCD instrument and a 14.9-inch touch screen, and is equipped with a Bowers&Wilkins surround sound system. Four-zone automatic air conditioning with independent control.

The car also has a number of exclusive configurations and designs for the Chinese market, including a 31-inch suspended giant screen on the top of the rear seats. This entertainment screen has 8K resolution and supports real-time interconnection. The overall design style and configuration are closer to the new generation of 7 series.

In addition, the position of the central control panel in front of the co-pilot is also equipped with a Chinese-exclusive flowing gold trim design, and the Chinese character “five” is also printed on the back of the front seat.

The power parameters of the new car have not been made public yet. You can refer to the parameters of the overseas version of the same model previously reported as follows: The new car provides two kinds of power, eDrive 40 and M60 xDrive. 430 Nm, the zero-to-hundred acceleration time is 6.0 seconds, and the top speed reaches 193km/h.

‎As for the high-performance M Performance version, the M60 xDrive model will share the powertrain with the iX M60, with a maximum power of 601 horsepower, a peak torque of 820 Nm, a zero-to-hundred-acceleration time of 3.8 seconds, and a top speed limited to 230km/h. However, there is no further information on battery life parameters.