Home Gaming AYANEO KUN handheld achieves Ryzen 7 7840U 54W performance release

AYANEO KUN handheld achieves Ryzen 7 7840U 54W performance release

AYANEO KUN handheld achieves Ryzen 7 7840U 54W performance release

AYANEO has launched a surprise pre-order event for the KUN handheld. Its official price will be announced at the press conference at the end of August, and shipments will begin in September. Today, AYANEO said that the KUN handheld can realize the release of R7 7840U 54W performance.

As you can see in the image above, the KUN was running at 54W (actually ran to 56W) at 88.4 degrees Celsius.

Currently, the maximum performance of most R7 7840U handhelds is 28W. AYANEO said that KUN customized the “Kunpeng” heat dissipation module to achieve 54W performance release. In comparison, some R7 7840H notebooks unleashed 45W of performance.

The official introduction of AYANEO KUN is as follows:

In terms of screen, AYANEO KUN uses an 8.4-inch IPS original color screen with 2.5K resolution. According to the official statement, it can ensure clear and bright screen visibility in various indoor and outdoor scenes.

In terms of appearance, AYANEO KUN has designed three elegant colors of “Silver Wing”, “Black Feather” and “White Clothes”, and adopts a beautiful design that surpasses traditional large-screen handhelds.

In terms of configuration, AYANEO KUN will be equipped with AMD’s new AMD R7 7840U flagship processor, equipped with a three-copper tube structure and a PC-level large fan.

AYANEO KUN is equipped with a super-large concentrated battery up to 75Wh (19500mAh), which is the largest battery in the history of Windows handhelds; it is equipped with handle-level large buttons, which feel softer and more sensitive, and the control experience is comparable to that of professional handles; Range and long-stroke experience; equipped with floating eight-way direction keys, pointing and hitting, to achieve all-round sensitive and precise control; equipped with dual smart touchpads, bringing the touch experience of a native mouse; introducing key mapping function, whether it is a convenient combined operation in daily use, or high-level operations in games can be quickly realized; equipped with four custom back buttons, distributed on the grip position where the fingers can most naturally be placed. The four custom back keys also have a rich combination of functions and ten-finger linkage.