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ASUS established Meta Universe and launched Art Black Hole

ASUS established Meta Universe and launched Art Black Hole

ASUS announced on October 4 the establishment of “ASUS Meta Universe Corporation” and the launch of Art Black hole, the first NFT art marketplace. The platform will integrate content and IP related to art, photography, fashion, audio and video, and games, allowing artists and content creators to host their digital assets. ASUS has also launched the Web3 division to oversee its NFT and metaverse strategies.

The platform is dedicated to assisting creators to promote their works continuously through the NFT format, combined with blockchain technology, regardless of geography and time. Asus is particularly attentive to the development of the new generation industry, especially the potential of Web3.0, so we have established a new company to declare our determination to operate the metaverse in the long term,” said Ming-Jie Hsieh, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Asus. The first step is to establish the NFT platform and invite content creators from various fields to become ASUS’ new partners.
Features of ASUS Geniverse Crossover Application NFT Platform

  1. Official genuine certification, eliminating inferior products or pirated copies: all works are double-checked by the gallery, experts and the platform before they hit the shelves, and only the only genuine, strictly selected high-quality content is sold in the limited NFT.
  2. Professional connoisseur comments, highlighting the uniqueness and value of works: Through expert opinions, you can have a deeper understanding of the artist and the value of his works, making it easier to purchase works with collector’s significance.
  3. NFT additional empowerment, access to VIP exclusive privileges: collectors buy not only digital files, but also as a VIP credential, enjoy special qualifications or priority, closer to the distance between the artist. For example, after purchasing the works of Lin Jian, who is known as the first painter of the Yellow River, he can also be invited to visit his private kiln painting space to achieve an interactive experience between reality and reality.
  4. Lower entry barrier, easy to own NFT: works are priced in fiat currency, no need to hold cryptocurrency and bear the risk of currency fluctuation, anyone can purchase in fiat currency through simple steps.
  5. The platform has undergone strict gate-keeping and security testing to effectively prevent malicious attacks and has been audited by a third-party authority to enhance the security of smart contracts, which is stable and reliable.