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Apple WWDC 22 event highlights and new features to the ecosystem

Apple WWDC 22 event highlights and new features to the ecosystem

The Apple WWDC 22 event like previous years brought a lot of new features and updates to the Apple ecosystem. Virtually all devices that make up Apple’s ecosystem got an update introducing new features. Sadly, some Apple devices left the update train after years in existence. In this article, we will look into most features and innovations that graced the stage at WWDC this year.

iOS 16 upgrades with new features to the Apple device ecosystem

iOS 16 Apple WWDC 22 event

With every system or software upgrade Apple tries to introduce new features. At times some of which might already have been in existence on Android. This year, iOS 16 brings a design overhaul to the iPhone in the following areas:

  • A new lock screen interface: This in a way gives the “Material You” vibes from Android 12. Apple now allows users to play around with how they want their lock screen to look. You can add widgets to remind you of events and also change the background of your wallpaper to suit your taste. Notifications now appear at the bottom of the lock screen interface, there is a new animation for unlocking your iPhone.
  • Reimagining Focus Mode: Apple reimagined focus mode on iOS 16 and integrated it even more into the lock screen. Now from your lock screen users can switch between focus modes. Users can as well pick different wallpapers for different focus modes. 
  • iMessage gets brushed up: With iOS 16 iMessage receives a bunch of new features. Coming with this upgrade users will be able to edit their messages, unsend messages, use share play within iMessage, and so much more.

These are just a few adjustments to the entire feel and experience of the coming iOS 16. Other features are new tools for mail, live text, Apple wallet, CarPlay, Safari, etc. iPhone 7 series and below (including the first generation SE) will not receive this upgrade.

iPad OS 16 brings productivity and collaboration features to the iPad

iPadOS 16 Apple WWDC 22 event

This update to the iPad OS software makes the iPad even more of a productivity device. The recent iPad packs a lot of processing power similar to that we see on the MacBooks. Pairing such power with good software and the iPad might just render certain laptops obsolete. Here are a few improvements to the iPad with its coming software upgrade.

  • Multitasking features: With iPad OS 16 multitasking is one of the most useful features that the iPad will have in its arsenal. The introduction of a feature Apple refers to as Stage Manager brings seamless multitasking to the iPad. With Stage Manager, a user can run multiple applications together on the same screen. The stage manager helps to organise all floating tabs and emphasizes the app in use currently.
  • Easy connection to an external display: With the new software upgrade on the iPad it can now share its content with an external display. Simply plug your charger into your iPad and connect it to an external monitor. Once connected, all content on the iPad will seamlessly display on the external monitor.

These features will help make the iPad feel more like a MacBook hence driving productivity. 

Watch OS 9 brings more health features to the Apple community

Watch OS 9 Apple WWDC 22 event

This upgrade brings more watch faces for everyone and anyone that wishes to change theirs. It’ll as well bring more accurate measurement of vitals while working out. There are also new workout modes for various sports.

Running metrics, like Stride Length, Ground Contact Time, and Vertical Oscillation, can all be seen on Workout Views. Apple will save each workout session and prompt users to beat their set records on the next try. There is also an improvement in the sleep schedule on theĀ Apple Watch.

macOS Ventura is the coming upgrade to the Mac

macOS Ventura Apple WWDC 22 event

As seen in the Apple WWDC 22 event, macOS Ventura will bring continuity across other Apple devices. Working will now be carried out seamlessly. Dragging and dropping items from various Apple devices to your Mac will be kept in check by the Stage manager.

Hands off is a feature coming to macOS Ventura and it’ll help users continue their Mac FaceTime calls on any other Apple device. Plus with a continuity camera, users will now be able to use their iPhone main camera as the standalone webcam for all FaceTime calls. Safari as well will receive more security settings to help protect users from online predators.

M2 processor for future MacBooks and iPads

M2 processor

At Apple WWDC 22 the company released the all-new M2 processor. This processor carries off from where last year’s M1 processor stops. Notably, there are a lot of on-paper improvements to the M2 processor which will also live up to the hype in actual performance.

The new processor is built using the 5nm fabrication process hence giving it more memory capacity. In close comparison with last year’s M1 processor, this year’s entry makes waves. With 25% more transistors than the previous SoC the MacBook. The memory controller on the M2 houses and delivers over 100GB/s of unified memory bandwidth. This makes the M2 processor more powerful and capable to carry out more tasking jobs.

The CPU processing power of the M2 processor is 18% faster than that of the M1. When it comes to the GPU performance the M2 takes a 35% leap over its predecessor. This processor will help power applications on the MacBook and also support the better performance of coming features in macOS Ventura.