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Apple will not produce 27-inch iMac equipped with a Silicon processor


The Verge reported tonight that Apple will no longer produce 27-inch iMac computers equipped with Apple Silicon processors. The company has focused its iMac lineup on the 24-inch model, which was first released in early 2021 and updated with the M3 processor this fall.

Apple’s public relations representative Starlayne Meza recently revealed the above news to The Verge. It said that for those users who still have hope for a larger iMac, Apple encourages them to consider a combination of Studio Display monitor and computer host such as Mac Studio or Mac mini.

Apple also said that the 24-inch iMac model is equipped with a 4.5K display, which bridges the gap between the older 21-inch 4K model based on Intel processors and the 27-inch 5K model.

According to the report, the 27-inch iMac has been Apple’s flagship consumer desktop computer for many years, with an influence “far beyond the average living room or home or office” and has entered many studios. However, due to Apple’s delay in updating the 27-inch iMac equipped with Apple Silicon processors, many video editors, developers or creative people have switched to other computers.

Overseas blogger Revegnus recently claimed that Apple is planning to switch to OLED screens for all Mac devices and launch a series of iMacs with larger screens.


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