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New Apple AirPods patent can monitor the wearer’s brainwaves and other biosignals

According to the latest list published by the United...

Apple iPhone 14 Pro: Early activation fine of 200,000 per unit

On September 16, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro...

Honor X50i+ starts pre-sale: Sports 100MP main camera, starting from 1599 RMB

The Honor X50i+ phone is available for pre-sale on...

Apple stops signing iOS 17.0.2, upgraded iPhones no longer support downgrade and recovery

After Apple closed the iOS 17.0.3 signature verification channel earlier this month, it closed the iOS 17.0.2 verification channel again today, which means that users who have upgraded can no longer downgrade or revert to this firmware. Version.

Apple pushed iOS 17.0.2 firmware in September this year, with build number 21A351. “This update fixes an issue that may prevent data transfer directly from another iPhone during setup,” Apple wrote in the update log.

Over time, Apple will gradually stop providing verification for older iOS versions to prevent users from downgrading to older software versions. Currently, iOS 17.1.1 is the latest iOS version available to the public, while iOS 17.2 is currently in public beta and is expected to be released in December.

Referring to previous reports, the latest iOS 17.2 version includes many feature updates, such as note taking applications, collaborative Apple Music playlists, translation options for Action Button on iPhone 15 Pro, iMessage contact key verification, additional weather and clock widgets Parts etc.


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