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Apple is preparing three new Mac Studio models

Apple is preparing three new Mac Studio models

Model identifiers for three new Mac Studio devices, likely macOS, have reportedly been found in Apple code that has not been assigned a corresponding product. with the critical success of Mac Studio in the marketplace, it is not surprising that Apple plans to iterate on the design and release an updated version, as in the absence of a new Mac Pro, Mac Studio is the highest-spec model of the current Apple Silicon Mac.

Now, however, a developer has found specific references to a yet-to-be-released Mac Studio model.

The developer, Pierre Blazquez, did not specify in which piece of Apple code he found these references. Therefore, it is unclear how he could identify these three products – Mac14,5; Mac14,6; and Mac14,8 – as Mac Studio models.

The current Mac Studio comes in two forms. the M1 Max version is known internally as Mac13,1. the M1 Ultra version is Mac13,2.

“The identifiers have been extracted from files in a publicly available software bundle,” Blazquez said.” No UI resources or more actual information was obtained.” And it’s information from publicly downloadable software that doesn’t claim in any way to be an insider leak.” Interesting fact: This software has been on the web for months, and others have downloaded it before me.”

There are no rumors yet about a Mac Studio update. Apple has publicly stated that a new Mac Pro is coming, other than that the only other high-end Mac being rumored is a potential iMac Pro replacement.