Home News Alldocube will release iPlay 50 mini tablet with an 8.4-inch HD display

Alldocube will release iPlay 50 mini tablet with an 8.4-inch HD display

Alldocube will release iPlay 50 mini tablet with an 8.4-inch HD display

The official staff of Alldocube recently released a message in Ku’an, saying that Alldocube will release the iPlay 50 mini tablet computer. The tablet will feature an 8.4-inch high-definition display with in-Cell full-fit technology, ultra-narrow bezels, and support for 4G network connections.

Net transmission iPlay 50 mini real shot

In addition, there is no more information about new products.

It is learned that iPlay 50 mini will also usher in an upgrade on the system. The details are as follows:

  1. The system is upgraded to the bottom layer of Android 13, the operation is more stable and smooth, and it supports functions such as split screen up and down, split screen left and right;
  2. Added the function of forcing the horizontal screen to support Apps such as Douyin;
  3. Realize the “parallel window” function, split the screen horizontally, left and right, and display the content of the same software at different levels. Support Weibo, Xiaohongshu and other apps;
  4. The desktop adds a negative one-screen function, providing functions such as quick access to commonly used software and a quick overview of popular news information;
  5. Realize the shortcut switching function of system desktop + elderly care system desktop + learning system desktop;
  6. Provide 3 styles of icon libraries including native icons for users to choose from, to meet different user preferences;
  7. Increase the virtual memory function, support the use of part of the UFS storage space as virtual memory, support the addition of 4G / 6G / 8G, and achieve a maximum of 12G (4G hardware running memory + 8G virtual memory) memory for users to use;
  8. Added three-finger sliding quick screenshot function;
  9. Add the function of the bottom Dock bar;
  10. Add free commercial fonts such as MiSans, OPlusSans, Alibaba Pratt & Whitney for users to switch between;
  11. Power saving mode, super power saving mode, reading mode, eye protection mode, network speed display, dark theme and more functions are waiting for you to discover.