Home App AI tools save workers nearly 400 hours a year, survey shows

AI tools save workers nearly 400 hours a year, survey shows

AI tools save workers nearly 400 hours a year, survey shows

Workforce analysis and planning company Visier recently conducted a survey of 3,030 employees in more than 250 companies in the UK, the US, Canada and Germany, and the results show that UK employees who have adopted AI tools save an average of It took about 93 minutes. On this basis, AI tools can help enterprise employees save 390 hours per year.

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Even so, more than half (56%) of respondents to the survey claimed that their employers have not embraced AI tools or encouraged employees to use them to increase productivity.

Additionally, more than half (53%) of workers are concerned that AI may replace the skills they currently possess, contributing to widespread fears of layoffs as governments race to put in place protective regulations in place. About two-thirds (67%) said AI skills would be important to their future career.

However, despite AI’s clear and oft-touted benefits, a third (36%) of respondents believe that AI will actually increase the stress they face at work, and a similar number feel that AI expressed concern about accuracy (37%) and data privacy risks (38%).

Nearly a year after the ChatGPT preview was released, sentiment towards this generative AI remains very mixed. Only 40% of respondents expect their work-life balance to improve due to AI tools, and the rest are either skeptical of the technology or their employers.

“Business leaders must be able to identify skills gaps in their employees and train them on emerging technologies such as but not limited to AI,” said Ben Harris, Director EMEA at Visier.

It was previously reported that UBS analyst Michael Briest quoted a report from IT research and consulting firm Gartner in June that more than 100 million people will interact with generative AI in 2026. work together.