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Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro supports 9 customization options

Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro supports 9 customization options

Foreign technology media MacRumors dug deep into the iOS 17 Beta 4 preview update released by Apple yesterday, and found 9 customization options for the Action button in the code, allowing users to assign different operations according to their needs/preferences.

It was previously reported that the sides of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra (or iPhone 15 Pro Max) have abandoned the mute paddles since 2007 and replaced them with an Action button similar to Apple Watch Ultra, allowing users to perform various customizations according to their own preferences.

The code only mentions the functions related to the custom Action button, and the media infers the function description based on the relevant text as follows:


Users can customize various auxiliary functions such as VoiceOver, Zoom, AssistiveTouch and so on.


Like the Apple Watch Ultra, this option allows users to run any shortcuts they’ve created or downloaded from the Shortcuts app, such as sending messages, playing a music list, or controlling smart home devices.

Silent mode:

Similar to the mute paddle on current iPhones, turning this option on will allow users to toggle silent mode on or off.


This option may allow the user to launch the camera application and/or take a photo or video with a single press of the action button.


This option will allow the user to turn on or off the flashlight on the back of the device.


Allows enabling or disabling Focus mode


This option presumably lets users trigger the Magnifier app to use the iPhone’s camera as a magnifying glass, zooming in on small text or objects.


This option allows the user to launch the translation application and start a conversation or text translation by clicking the Action button.

Voice Memos:

This option will allow the user to start or stop recording a voice memo using the Voice Memos app.