Home Electric Vehicles 2024 Neta S is launched, it provides pure electric power and range-extending power

2024 Neta S is launched, it provides pure electric power and range-extending power

2024 Neta S is launched, it provides pure electric power and range-extending power

Neta S has been officially listed, a total of 6 models, including pure electric and extended range two kinds of power, with a price range of RMB 159,800 – RMB 269,800. The price range is RMB 159,800 – 269,800. Two new CLTC models have been added with a 200km range, while the number of models and configurations have been adjusted, and the exterior and interior design remains the same as the previous model.

The 2024 Ne Zha S has adjusted the number of variants, removing the naming convention of the old Large, Medium and Small versions, and instead offering the standard version as a base, with derivatives such as the Lite, Lidar and 4WD versions.

The exterior design of the Neta S is very distinctive, with an emphasis on the width-to-height ratio, which gives the car a lower and sportier look. The car is equipped with a lighting system called “Fengrui”, with 275 LED light beads to express emotions. The new car is also equipped with frameless doors and a canopy, which insulates 85% of heat and 99.9% of UV radiation. Measuring 4,980 mm in length and 2,980 mm in wheelbase, the new model has a wind resistance of just 0.216 Cd.

Inside, the Neta S is equipped with displays in front of the driver’s and passenger’s seats, and the central display is a 17.6-inch portrait screen that allows for a variety of functions and interactions. The steering wheel is a floating design with multi-function buttons. Above the dashboard is an AR-HUD head-up display, which projects information such as navigation and speed onto the windscreen. The main driver’s seat is 20-way electrically adjustable and features ventilation, heating, leg rests and massage. The car is also equipped with 21 speakers with a power of 1,216 watts, and the headrests of the driver and passenger have built-in speakers that can play audio sources independently.

In terms of intelligent driving, Neta S offers two intelligent driving systems, TA PILOT 4.0 and TA PILOT 3.0. The 3.0 version is equipped with 5 millimeter-wave radars and 11 cameras, while the 4.0 version adds 2 more solid-state LiDARs, 12 ultrasonic sensors, a high-precision positioning unit and a high-precision map, enabling it to realize more advanced assisted driving functions. assisted driving function. In addition to navigation assistance, version 4.0 also enables NTP Memory Parking and NMS Neta Magic Summoning through the mobile phone app, which allows the vehicle to automatically find a parking space or drive to the user’s side.

In terms of power, the Neta S offers two power options: pure electric and extended range. The pure-electric version is available with a rear-mounted single motor and a four-wheel-drive dual-motor configuration, with total motor power of 170kW and 340kW respectively, and maximum torque of 310Nm and 620Nm respectively. Depending on the battery capacity, the pure electric version offers three types of range (CLTC): 520km, 715km and 650km. The extended-range version has a maximum power of 170kW and a maximum torque of 310Nm. The CLTC range is available in 200km and 310km combined conditions.